Contrary to local belief, driving in El Paso is not all that unpleasant and El Pasoans are not the terrible drivers other El Pasoans think we are -- at least according to Wallethub.

In fact, the online financial site maintains that the Sun City offers a better experience behind the wheel than most of the 100 largest cities in America; good enough to rank among the top 20 best cities for driving.

No joke.

Their new study looked at "30 key indicators of driver-friendliness” and determined El Paso to be the 18th best city for driving. Who the? … what the? … huh? Has anyone on the Wallethub staff ever driven here?

El Paso traffic is no joke but this study sounds like it might be.


But before you SMH, demand a recount, and start ticking off the number of ways El Paso drivers suck like I initially did, you have to look through the methodology of the study.

Our top ranking has nothing to do with tailgating, lack of courtesy, inattentiveness, or any of the other numerous things people on the mean streets of El Paso do to tick you off on the daily.

To determine “The Best & Worst Cities to Drive in,” the list-happy site used some kind of voodoo science that took into account things like average gas prices, hours spent in traffic congestion, cost of vehicle ownership and maintenance, rate of car thefts, and share of uninsured drivers -- all of which El Paso scored well in.

Although I'm not sure how any border city can score high in 'share of uninsured drivers' unless its 'most number of.'

Getty Images/iStockphoto
Getty Images/iStockphoto

But I’ll stop you when you’re lying about the horrible drivers, though. Not you or me, of course, we're great drivers, but everyone else on the road? Morons.

Most days El Paso drivers make me want to punch a baby. Of course, I never would, I mean, babies are adorable and all that, but that’s how frustrated being on the road can make me feel. Some days I have to forego driving altogether just to give my middle finger some much needed rest.

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