When news of Bobby Petrino's firing surfaced yesterday afternoon, many people were surprised. The University of Arkansas decided that Petrino's scandal outweighed his winning football program, a move that divided the state. Within minutes of the press conference to announce his firing, SI.com's Stuart Mandel suggested to CBS.com's Bryan Fischer via Twitter that Petrino's next landing spot should be UTEP.

Some people may not know that the former Arkansas head football coach once served as a graduate assistant to Mike Price at Weber State. A few years later, he returned to Weber State to take a full-time assistant coaching job. The two have remained close, and Price would almost certainly recommend him for the job in El Paso. However, Petrino's reputation as one of the most disingenious people in the coaching business combined with his personal indiscretions off the field would probably be too much for even Bob Stull to gamble on. Although with a career college coaching record of 75-26, would the lure of finally turning around the Miners football program be worth another huge gamble? No, it would not.

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