I'm not a Duke hater like most people I know, but something strange happened last night. The kind of thing like Halley's Comet...only once every 75 years will you witness this kind of phenomenon. The Duke Blue Devils and their legendary Coach K were so discombobulated by an opposing team that they completely lost all of their composure on the court. Case in point the second half of last night's NCAA Tournament game against Sean Miller's Arizona Wildcats. 

I was trying the think of the last time a Mike Krzyzewski coached team was dominated on the court by an opponent. Annette Torres tweeted that it was Cal and Jason Kidd in 1993. I looked that game up, and Duke was the defending two-time champ and Cal was the underdog. Kidd and Hurley put on quite a show. Still, that game was close, and the second half of last night's contest was blowout city. The stage belonged to the Cats - Derrick Williams, MoMo Jones, and company made it look so easy on the court. 

After a little research, I discovered that the loss to Arizona was Duke's worst ever defeat as a #1 seed. It was also the fourth time they have fallen to a 5th seed in the NCAA Tournament. I hope Arizona can keep the momentum up; they are one of the more exciting basketball teams I have seen.

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