I wrote an article back at the end of March that brought up the three most infuriating things El Pasoans do on the road. CLICK HERE to check out that article. But you don't need to, because number 3 on that list is skyrocketing to the top. What in the world is the deal with swerving to the right before turning to the left?!

This has somehow become an even bigger problem than it was before. This isn't exclusive to El Paso, but it seems to be getting worse here in El Paso. Someone is in the left hand turn lane and rather than just turning left, they feel the need to swerve to the right first. This just continues to prove that on the roadways in El Paso, it's everyone out for themselves. "Eff you and whatever you have going on in your car, I'm more important" seems to be a pretty consistent mantra here in the Borderland.

What seems to continually get missed in all of this is how swerving to the right will cause an accident. If you're driving down a straight stretch of road, do you just randomly swerve to the right? Unfortunately there are a lot of El Pasoans that would have to answer yes to that question. But this causes a chain of events that can lead to an accident. If the traffic is heavy enough, the person turning left will swerve into the car to their right. Even if that person is able to get out of the way in time, they have a good chance of colliding with the car to their right.

Please, for the love of all that is holy, STOP SWERVING RIGHT BEFORE YOU TURN LEFT.

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