Is this a Texas thing?

While scrolling through TikTok, because of course, and I came across this video of people dancing at a night club.

Obviously, the star of this show is the gentleman in red. However, I couldn't help and notice how they were dancing- going around in a circle.

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Now, I don't consider myself a professional, but I have been to many, and I mean many dances- parties, quinces, weddings, night clubs, I've dance a lot. Like A LOT. And I have never seen anyone dance a cumbia this way! I'm so intrigued!

I know that food is different in certain parts of Texas, I mean, they call their burritos tacos in some parts of Texas, but I never imagined that dancing was also different in certain parts of Texas!

People in the comments were also intrigued because one of the top comments was:

I just know you’re in Texas

To which the original poster confirmed and said this is in Dallas! After doing a bit of research, I found that this is totally a thing. Cumbia circles are known in certain parts of Texas like Dallas or San Antonio.

Now, me on the other, who has never been anywhere in Texas, knows this type of dance as a "zapateado" or "huapango" and it's not usually danced to cumbia music, it's danced to banda music.

Maybe the next time I'm on the dancefloor I'll try to start a cumbia circle? Will it catch on in El Paso? Maybe! If everyone is having a good time I don't see why this won't catch on!

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