Many people in the sports world are still reeling from the death of popular NBA sideline reporter Craig Sager. Despite a long and publicized battle with Leukemia, Sager succumbed to the disease at the age of 65.

Last month on Sportstalk, Craig Sager Jr. joined us to reflect on the life and career of his father. Sager Jr. collaborated with his dad and co-author Brian Curtis on a new book titled Living Out Loud: Sports, Cancer, and the Things Worth Fighting For.

During our interview on Sportstalk, Sager Jr. talked about his first ever TNT NBA on-air segment with San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich from 2014. Sager Jr. filled in for his dad during an NBA Playoff game while the elder Sager was battling leukemia for the first time.

For those who have not seen the HBO Real Sports piece on Sager, reporter Bernard Goldberg did a terrific job profiling the longtime sideline correspondent. The segment is a must-watch and gives people an up-close look at Sager, his cancer battle, and importance of his family.