Some El Paso women should fondly remember the good times they had while in high school. Especially when you're a senior in high school those times are extremely special. We all won't ever forget the time seniors bailed going to school to party on senior ditch day.

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Plus some of you may or may not have experienced senioritis during senior year. If you're unclear what senioritis is, basically you slack it on school studies and sometimes extracurricular activities.

Plus, seniors were counting down the days until it was time for graduation to arrive. But before every seniors big day, senior girls had a big game to play.

Almost every class from different high schools should be familiar with and remember powderpuff football. If you're unfamiliar with powderpuff football, it is either flag or touch football.

Powderpuff football was played by two teams of senior girls against junior class girls. I am so glad I got to experience powderpuff football my senior year at Coronado High School. It was the best of times playing alongside my high school bestie Terissa Urias.

We all certainly played our best and definitely worked as a team trying to beat the other girls. This picture I'm sharing is of some of the senior class ladies of 2003 from Coronado High School and Franklin High School.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

It sure was a good game that took a lot of effort to claim the winning title for the powderpuff football game. If you're wondering yes, we (senior girls) won the powderpuff football match that day.

Powderpuff football was a great way to blow off some steam while having a blast with fellow class members from our rival Franklin High School.

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