In the interest of player safety, the NCAA has been cracking down on targeting in college football for the past several years.

Initially, the rules only applied to what were deemed to be 'intentional' instances of helmet-to-helmet contact, but all of that changed in 2005 when intent was dropped from the rule.

More recently (2013), players flagged for targeting were accessed a 15-yard penalty and were automatically ejected from the game, pending a replay review. That disqualification stood even if the replay was inconclusive.

This season, officials are adding a new wrinkle to the replay portion of the targeting rules that now require replay confirmation of targeting in order for a player to be kicked out of a game. The 'call stands' is no longer an option.

To help fans understand the application of the new replay rules, the NCAA has released a new video hosted by former NFL official Dean Blandino, who is now the director of instant replay for NCAA football.

Does that clear things up for you?

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