While watching W. Kamau Bell's 'United Shades of America' season premiere on CNN, I learned how one reporter relates to us El Pasoans.

Bell's premiere episode focused on racism and radical tension in America, which has continuously been reported in areas all around America. Here in El Paso, we found out just how much this tension can bleed over from other areas and completely change lives.

As the one year anniversary of this horrific attack approaches, many people are creating heartfelt ways to honor those we lost at the hands of a homegrown terrorist. You can find a whole list, here.

Going back to the July 20th premiere of 'United Shades of America,' Bell interviewed CNN reporter Sara Sidner who shared her experience of covering the El Paso Mass Shooting. She shares how the impact of interviewing families of the victims has really impacted her mentality.

Sidner becomes emotional while explaining this, especially when she mentions Jordan and Andre Anchondo. The couple was killed that day; but were able to protect their baby, Paul Anchondo, during the shooting.

In the clip, Sidner breaks down and shares a thought that constantly haunts her about the El Paso experience. She worries about the day when Paul will learn what happened to his parents.

The families affected by the El Paso's August 3rd mass shooting, as well as other families dealing with tragic stories, according to Sidner, are what inspire her to continue to report these type of heartbreaking stories.

As big media stations arrived in El Paso to cover the incident, other CNN reporters shared how much they appreciated the hospitality of El Pasoans. Just when you start wondering where did everyone go when the shooting became old news, this clip reminded me that the pain is still there; not only for El Pasoans but those who took the time to understand the situation and embrace our community.

While we continue with our lives, many of us still think about it every day. Some may still take a minute of silence at 10:39 a.m. or light a candle every 3rd of the month. Our community continues to heal and it will always be something we can work on to be better not only as a community but to those who travel to our beloved city.

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