Today is the one year anniversary of the tragic El Paso Walmart shooting. The city is asking El Pasoans to remember the victims with luminarias all over town. The City of El Paso has been having various socially-distanced remembrances around the city to honor the victims of the August 3rd El Paso shooting. It's only been one year, but to many El Pasoans the pain and shock from that day still lives inside us. One year ago, a sick, twisted individual who wasn't from our community drove hundreds of hours to El Paso to kill people in a city he had never even been to. Instead of tearing us apart, his actions strengthened the bonds of everyone in this city. Monetary donations were made, people waited hours to donate blood, and people stepped up in every way to help those who were directly affected by the shooting. Now, the community as a whole is being asked to put out luminarias this evening to stand together, united as a community against hatred, and show how we are all still El Paso Strong.

This evening at 8:30 p.m., residents of El Paso can place a luminaria on their front porch or in front of their door to honor those we lost due to the shooting. You can still pick up luminarias at various locations across the community, including the Ascarate Park drive-thru remembrance, YMCA locations, Homeowner and Neighborhood Associations, and businesses. I received my luminaria kit at my neighborhood grocery store. Even if you don't receive a luminaria kit, you can easily make your own luminaria.

  • Get a white or brown paper bag and fold the bag at the top
  • Fill each bag with a couple cups of sand
  • Place a tealight or flameless LED candle inside the bag
  • Place the bag on the flat, steady ground on your porch or in front of your front door

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