If you are a veteran, the City of El Paso would like to hear from you during a town hall meeting this weekend.

The Veterans Town Hall is happening Saturday, March 7, from 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. at the Benavidez - Patterson “All Airborne” Chapter 82nd Airborne Division Association located at 2608 Fort Boulevard in Central El Paso. The purpose of the Town Hall is to help shape policy and assist in the development and improvement of programs that will help address the needs of veterans in our community. The programs include physical and mental wellness, employment, homelessness, transportation, social support, and economic development.

The County of El Paso is also working hard to try and better veterans lives. Last month, the County worked with the City of El Paso, the El Paso Chamber, Endeavors, and multiple veteran service organizations, along with Combined Arms to launch the El Paso County Veterans Needs Assessment Survey. The organizations would like to hear from veterans about what the programs and services they would most like to have, so take a few minutes to fill out the survey. Veterans, family members of veterans, and caregivers of veterans can fill out the survey either by attending the Veterans Town Hall or filling out the survey online.

You can complete the Veterans Needs Assessment Survey by clicking here. You do need to complete the survey by March 18th for your voice to count. We are very proud of and grateful for our military troops here in El Paso. Please fill out the survey so you can get the programs and services you deserve.

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