After talking to Josh Gross on Saturday on Crunchtime about the Anderson Silva/Chris Weidman UFC 162 title fight, we both thought that Silva would win the fight because he's the best fighter in the UFC.

What we couldn't predict is that Anderson Silva would take Chris Weidman lightly and would start disrespecting Weidman by show boating during the fight. And because of that, the impossible happened...Chris Weidman knocked out Anderson Silva!

A left hook caught Silva in the second round as Silva was taunting Weidman and sent him to the canvas. Weidman jumped on the fallen champion and began delivering more hard punches to Silva's head then referee Herb Dean was forced to save him at the 1:18 mark.

After the fight, Chris Weidman talked about beating Anderson Silva for the UFC Middleweight Championship:

After the fight Silva said he wouldn't do any more title fights.  He has a contract with UFC for ten more fights, but they don't have to be championship fights.  He said he's tired and he's already had the belt a long time.

You can see the video of Weidman knocking out Silva below, well that is before it's taken down:



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