Fall River professional MMA Fighter Mitch Raposo enters the cage Thursday, November 17th at Bally’s Twin River Casino in Lincoln to capture the CES MMA Flyweight Title. It’s his next stop in his promising career to get back to where he once was: On the UFC flyweight radar, and this time, he has every intention of staying there.

Raposo’s Beginnings

As a kid, he stayed busy with baseball and hockey, and thanks to his two older brothers, he always stayed competitive. His neighbor was training in mixed martial arts, and that immediately caught Raposo’s attention. It was the perfect outlet for his fiery attitude.

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“I kind of had a temper,” he joked. “So, I gravitated towards (MMA), I went to the gym, and people talk about that bug…I just never left.”

Raposo Gets the Call for the UFC

“I was at a loss for words,” said Raposo on his first shot under the UFC banner. After executing an impressive run on the local scene, Raposo got the call to be a cast member on Season 29 of The Ultimate Fighter, where professional fighters get a chance to win a UFC contract. After losing his first fight of the show, he went on to fight for Dana White’s Contender Series just six months later, where he found himself on the wrong side of the score cards again.

“I was so young and couldn’t believe the type of opportunities I was getting so early in my career,” said Raposo. “I know I come from the small city of Fall River…but I believe in myself and really enjoy this. I know I belong here.”

What’s Next for Raposo?

On Thursday, November 17th,  Raposo will face Brazil native Flavio Cavalho for the CES MMA vacant Flyweight Title.

“This isn’t a rinky-dink belt,” said Raposo. “You win a CES title, and it’s a big deal. “I’m not thinking about celebrating, I’m not thinking about anything else, this is business for me. I’m going out there and getting that belt by any means necessary.”

While his first chance under the UFC banner left him with losses, it also gave him lessons learned, allowing this “New England Cartel” member to evolve into a more well-rounded and dangerous fighter.

The resurgence of Mitch Reposo begins tomorrow night on UFC Fight Pass.

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