What An Idiot
I honestly can't believe I missed this video when it made the rounds almost a year ago.
First, what the hell was this guy thinking when he was flipping around like that? Second, why was he flipping around like that? And third, why was he doing this when he was about to fight a Marine...
Chris Weidman KO’s Anderson Silva At UFC 162 [Video/Audio]
After talking to Josh Gross on Saturday on Crunchtime about the Anderson Silva/Chris Weidman UFC 162 title fight, we both thought that Silva would win the fight because he's the best fighter in the UFC.
What we couldn't predict is that Anderson Silva would take Chris Weidman lightly and wou…
Kickboxer Knocks Himself Out
It takes a combination of strength, stamina, precision and skill to knock out your opponent in the ring. But it takes a special kind of athlete to knock yourself out.
6 Boxing Knockouts That Will Make You Cringe
At its roots, boxing toes the line between ornate physical dexterity and ferocious physical violence. It’s a combination of  the two that keep the hardcore fans entertained, but it’s the latter that brings new fans to the support.
The following is a multi-wei…