The Clippers made themselves relevant when they were able to score Chris Paul after David Stern wouldn't allow him to play for the Lakers.  For the first feels like there is a real rivalry between the two Los Angeles teams that share the same building.

The Clippers won the first game of the season, 102-94, back on Jan. 14th.  The Lakers and Clippers met up for the second time last night.  After a brutal East Coast road trip, the Lakers were looking to snap a three game losing streak.  Kobe, Gasol, and Bynum all played well in the Lakers 96-91 victory.

Things got a little strange in the late stages on the game.  Trailing 95-91, Blake Griffin inexplicably fouled Pau Gasol with 1.1 seconds left.  On the way to the foul line, Pau Gasol and Chris Paul were yapping at each other.  Gasol then patronizingly rubbed Paul's head as if he were little Opie Taylor.

CP3 didn't appreciate Gasol treating him like a child and shoved back.

This may have broken into a full-fledged 'battle royale' if the instigator were anyone else than the soft, mild-mannered Spaniard.

After the game Paul discussed the incident with the media.