Blake Griffin

This dunk looks like some of the dunks Griffin has had in the past but lets face it, they never get old!
Especially when the victim this time is none other than the former MR. Kardashian himself, Kris Humpries.
Check it out!
Blake Runs His Mouth
OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — Clippers star Blake Griffin fired off some harsh words for the Golden State Warriors after being ejected on a Christmas night turned spirited.
Chris Paul’s Son Mimics Blake Griffin’s Face [VIDEO]
He hasn't been in the NBA that long, but Blake Griffin's scowl is already famous. When you see it, chances are there's about to be some kind of ridiculous dunk that makes Griffin look like a full-grown man throwing down on a kids' Nerf hoop. Need proof Griffin's scowl is alr…
Blake Griffin Blows a Wide Open Dunk
All season long I've been posting Blake Griffin's most poster worthy dunks.  The guy was blessed with that rare combination of power and mad hops.  However, last night against the Timberwolves Griffin had a chance to showcase his abilities until this happened...
Blake Griffin’s Dunks of the Year….of the Week
The Clippers may have lost 113-108 last night to the Lakers, but Griffin's dunks, not Kobe's late jumpers, are getting all the attention.  Griffin made Pau Gasol his seven foot step ladder not once, but twice.  Check out both dunks below.
I'm beginning to think Griffin and th…
Blake Griffin Dunk of the Year…..of the Week
It seems like the Clippers' Blake Griffin continually raises the bar as it pertains to his throwdown dunks.  Earlier in the season Griffin literally threw one down over Oklahoma City's Kendrick Perkins.  Last night in a 103-86 win over Phoenix, Griffin made Channing Frye his late…

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