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If Kept Intact, Houston and Boston Will Be Back
Two offseason moves in the summer of 2017 changed the course of this entire NBA season, when Chris Paul was dealt to Houston and when Cleveland traded Kyrie Irving to Boston. Both Houston and Boston quickly became vicious opponents in their respective conferences, made it all the way to the Conference Finals and forced a game seven in their leagues...
CP3 Fined By NBA
Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul has been fined $25,000 by the NBA for criticizing female referee Lauren Holtkamp on Thursday night after a 105-94 loss at Cleveland.
Chris Paul Blasts NBA Female Ref Lauren Holtkamp [VIDEO]
Lauren Holtkamap is the third female referee to work on a full-time basis in the NBA. The rookie official also has a quick trigger whistle when it comes to technical fouls. Last night, she was part of an NBA officiating crew that called five technical fouls and one flagrant foul on the Los Angeles Clippers...
Chris Paul’s Son Mimics Blake Griffin’s Face [VIDEO]
He hasn't been in the NBA that long, but Blake Griffin's scowl is already famous. When you see it, chances are there's about to be some kind of ridiculous dunk that makes Griffin look like a full-grown man throwing down on a kids' Nerf hoop. Need proof Griffin's scowl is already known? Just ask Chris Paul's son...

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