June is "Adopt A Shelter Cat" month and you can celebrate by visiting the El Paso Zoo. See their new Cat Adoption center that's open now.

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June is "Adopt A Shelter Cat" month created by the American Humane 501(c)(3) non-profit to mark the height of kitten season in the country. Many animal rescues and shelters are scrambling to find foster homes for the large influx of pregnant cats and newborn kittens coming into the shelter daily.

That's on top of the cats that are already currently housed in shelters and are looking for their forever home. To celebrate Adopt-A-Cat month, Animal Services of El Paso has opened a new exhibit at the El Paso Zoo where potential adopters can meet cats and kittens that are ready to go home with your family. And we're not talking about the lions.

The Cats at the Zoo (CATZ) Pet Encounter and Adoption Center is now open and will allow zoo visitors to meet cats up for adoption up-close and in-person. After visiting the big cats at the zoo, you now have the opportunity to take a small cat home with you the same day.

The CATZ Pet Encounter and Adoption site is open at the El Paso Zoo Friday through Sunday during normal zoo hours.

The City of El Paso Animal Services is located at 5001 Fred Wilson Avenue .and you can call them at (915) 212-PAWS. For more information on El Paso Animal Services please visit their website.

Check Out The New Catio Located at the El Paso Zoo

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