UTEP sports fans have always reminded me of that person in a relationship afraid of getting dumped by their significant other. Every time we get a high profile coach like Mike Price and now Tim Floyd, fans are always ready to push the panic button. The latest rumor I read over the weekend had some people worried that Floyd mightget offered the Lakers head coaching position. Let me be the first to calm everyone in Minerland and assure you Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss is not targeting the former Bulls and Hornets coach as his number one choice. I do not know if Floyd would even make his Top 100.     

Floyd's NBA coaching record is 93-235. In interviews, he even admitted that he wasn't very good at being a successful NBA head coach. Tim Floyd is a great college basketball head coach, and could be a great NBA head coach if given the right team and personnel (I don't think he ever had a fair chance to win in either Chicago or New Orleans). But Dr. Buss is considering names like Rick Adelman, Brian Shaw, and Jeff Van Gundy. Those names have been able to control the NBA egos and win plenty of games.

If El Paso hoop fans want to keep Floyd, they might want to start by supporting the program on a more consistent basis. You can start by purchasing season tickets! I don't make a single penny in commission from season ticket sales, but I do know that is the only way fans can truly offer up their support to a basketball program that for almost 50 years has been the pride of this city. I used to hear  plenty of excuses why fans did not go to the games when Tony Barbee was head coach, and my favorite was that he never connected with the community. Well, guess what? UTEP hired the one guy that this city can relate to better than anybody...someone who has said over and over again he wants the Don Haskins Center to resemble the 1980s (when he was here as an assistant to The Bear). And with all the talent Floyd had on the court, the fans did not come close to fulfilling their end of the bargain. Crowds were very similar in number to the last few seasons of UTEP basketball. So, I hope the large crowds do return next season to support the Miners. If not, Coach Floyd will soon wonder why he even came back to El Paso? (if he hasn't already)