Fellas, we know how you like a strong woman. We also know how you like a fit, young, Swedish gal so we present the perfect blend — the 2011 Swedish Women’s Arm Wrestling Team.

You probably already knew this, but over the weekend, Kazakhstan hosted the world arm wrestling championships. What you may not have known is that the Swedish women grappled their way to the top of the heap and strutted home with 12 medals. They won four gold, seven silver and one bronze. Suck on it national bikini team!

“We’re a small country with strong people,” said Andreas Johansson, vice chairman of Swedish Arm Sports (yes, there is such an organization). Strong people with whom you would not want to pick a fight. Two of the women who brought home gold by dominating with their right arms also took silver by dominating with their left arms.

The moral of the story: one should never anger a Swedish woman, nor bet on winning an arm wrestling match against her. Also you might want to avoid dating any of the ladies. Sex might be fun but you’ll never want them to wrestle the arm in your pants.

[Via The Local]