One of the most underrated wrestlers in professional wrestling led one of the most underrated wrestling stables in the business.  Different variations of the faction existed between Extreme Championship Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling, and Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling.

Raven's Nest (ECW)

In ECW, Raven's Nest was created for the sole purpose of assuring Raven of victory over his greatest rivals-- primarily Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman.  The Nest was made up of followers, henchmen, paramours, and hired guns.  While a select few remained the core of the faction, there was a great amount of wrestlers that at one point or another were part of Raven's Nest.

The many members included: Stevie Richards

Tony Stetson and Johnny Hotbody- who joined after proclaiming that Raven was "the voice of their generation."

Beulah McGillicutty- a girl that Raven and Dreamer knew from summer camp as "teens."  Storyline was she was overweight in the past and Dreamer rejected her.  Raven, instead, accepted her.  Richards brought to ECW to manage Raven so that her thirst for revenge would fuel Raven to victory over Dreamer.  When Beulah was finally presented, she had kayfabe lost a lot of weight and had even appeared on Penthouse.

The Pitbulls, Luna Vachon, The Vampire Warrior, and the Dudley Boyz (Big Dick Dudley, Dudley Dudley, and Lil' Snot Dudley).

Cactus Jack who turned on Dreamer and joined Raven to teach Dreamer about hardcore wrestling.

Don E. Allen and Dino Sendoff, Mikey Whipwreck, The Heavenly Bodies, and The Blue Meanie.

Kimona Wanalaya- who replaced Beulah after she left in January 1996.

The Bruise Brothers, Brian Lee, Super Nova, and Miss Patricia.

Lori Fullington- Sandman's ex-wife

Tyler Fullington- Sandman's seven-year old son, whom Raven brainwashed into "worshiping" him.  While not any kind of physical help to Raven, he was a huge pyschological distraction to Sandman.

And finally Lupus, Chastity, and Reggie Bennett.

During the Nest's ECW run Raven held the ECW World Tag Team Championship with Stevie Richards on two occasions.  Raven would also hold the ECW World Heavyweight Championship twice.

The Flock (WCW)

Raven had signed with WCW in 1997 and by August of that year he had formed another variation of his stable, this time known as The Flock.  Every member of The Flock took after Raven and would dress in a Grunge-like fashion.

Unlike a the other factions that existed during this time, the Flock would only enjoy minimal success in WCW.  The Flock is best remembered for the entire crew sitting in the audience, mostly ring-side, and attacking other wrestlers-- usually without any provocation.

Members included:

Stevie Richards- as in ECW, he was Raven's lackey until his release from WCW and return to ECW.

Hammer- a heavy metal star turned wrestler and outcast who joined the Flock because he had nowhere else to go.  Even though he defeated Saturn in a Loser Leaves the Flock match, Raven kicked Hammer out because he preferred Saturn.

Horace- he was recruited solely because he was the nephew of then WCW World Heavyweight champ, Hollywood Hulk Hogan.  Raven tried to use Horace to get close to Hogan.

Kanyon- had tried to join when he was still in his Mortis gimmick but was denied.  When he unmasked and became Kanyon, he became the final member of the Flock before the stable disbanded.

Kidman- storyline homeless man, who showed tendencies of an addict-- like scratching his body.  While WCW never openly admitted this on television, his characteristics seemed to be those of a heroin addict.  After the disbanding of the group, Kidman completely rid himself of the gimmick's characteristics.

Lodi- his psychological need for approval and acceptance made him Raven's most loyal lackey.  He would constantly be seen carrying signs ringside that either promoted Raven and the Flock or would disparage their opponents, the fans, and rival promotions.

Reese- an outsider because of his size, he sought solace in the Flock. His large physical appearance made him the Flock's most intimidating backup weapon.

Riggs- originally a rival of Raven's as the American Male Scotty Riggs, he was injured by Raven hitting him with a drop toe hold and forced to wear an eye patch.  Riggs would seek revenge while Raven was trying to recruit him.  Raven would further injure Riggs with three DDTs and instructed the Flock to take possession of an unconscious Riggs.  He would awaken to become just as despondent as the rest of the members.

Sick Boy- a WCW Power Plant hopeful who mysteriously succumbed to Raven's influence.

Saturn- he was Raven's enforcer and best weapon.  Saturn would eventually grow tired of Raven and defeat him in a match that freed the rest of the Flock from Raven's hold-- being the main reason for the disbanding of the Flock.

During the WCW existence of the Flock, Raven won the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship one time, Saturn won the WCW Television Championship once, and Raven and Saturn teamed to win the WCW Tag Team Championship once.

The Gathering/Serotonin (TNA)

Raven joined TNA and quickly formed another version of the Flock, this time calling them The Gathering.  The original members were Julio Dinero and Alexis Laree, with CM Punk joining soon after the formation of the stable.  Punk and Dinero were "Raven fanboys"  that made Raven the focal point of the group.  Alexis left both the faction and TNA when he signed with WWE.  Punk and Dinero would turn on Raven during a six-man tag match, and Raven would disappear from TNA for a time after this.  Punk and Dinero would join up with James Mitchell before the group came to a sudden end when Punk returned to Ring of Honor.  Dinero was released, and Mitchell would leave for a year before returning to manage Abyss.

On the November 16, 2006 episode of Impact, Kazarian, Maverick Matt, and Johnny Devine appeared with drastically changed appearances, calling themselves the New Movement.  However, through vignettes, it became that the stable's name was Serotonin-- referencing the brain chemical of the same name that regulates, among other things,  agression, moodiness, and depression.

Unlike his other stables, Raven wouldn't speak for the group in promos.  He would only come down to the ring after matches end to hit his members with kendo stick whether they won or lost-- a program he called "torture builds success."  He renamed each wrestler.  Kazarian became Kaz, Maverick Matt was now Martyr, and Johnny Devine became Havok.  Serotonin wrestled mostly on dark matches of pay-per-view events, and lost the vast majority of their matches.  When they did appear on TV, it was as jobbers against the likes of Kurt Angle, Sting, and Jerry Lynn.  This final incarnation, never met any kind of success and was never given any kind of real push.