As we move into spring and then into summer, road trips will be the norm for many. For us in Tyler or Canton or Van, Texas, jumping onto Interstate 20 and heading to Terrell just to go to Buc-ee's is an easy way to kill some time on a Saturday. Anytime I stop at Buc-ee's, I have to pick up their chopped brisket sandwich. I may eat it right then or save it for lunch the next day. For fans of Buc-ee's in New Braunfels, they've been facing some sticker shock for a brisket sandwich.

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Buc-ee's Can Be an Expensive Bathroom Break

Stopping for a quick bathroom break at Buc-ee's can easily turn into a $300 shopping excursion. You walk in and are drawn to a new t-shirt then you see something cool in the home goods section then you get hungry from the smell of brisket being chopped then...okay, you get the idea. Buc-ee's is both a great place and a trap.

Chopped Brisket Sandwiches

Those chopped brisket sandwiches are pretty good and not ridiculous in price. That is until you come across the XXL brisket sandwich. It comes in at a whopping $12.99. It is a full pound of chopped brisket so at least you know you're getting plenty of meat. But for folks in New Braunfels, they think that price is a bit steep.

I support just about everything Buc-ees, but this is insanity! Their sandwiches are sub par to begin with. Look at the price before you grab something from the hot rack, I think they go up weekly. I guess if it works… but wow! - Andrew Mast in the Everything New Braunfels Texas Facebook group

Like any restaurant or grocery store, Buc-ee's has had to go up on their price of food. So that, coupled with this new oversized sandwich, has really upset some folks there. This has also added some fuel to the fire of Buc-ee's detractors. There is that small group of Texans who loath Buc-ee's for various reasons, some true, some kinda conspiracy theory-ish.

High Prices Everywhere

Chalk the price hike up to politics or supply chains or gas prices, whatever the excuse, a business that wants to make money is selling something expensive, imagine that. The simple solution is if you don't like the price, speak with your wallet and don't buy it. The thing is, for every one person who says they won't shop there anymore, three more will walk through the front doors making up for that customer's lost spending.

Road Trip

Enjoy your road trips this spring and summer. And if Buc-ee's is a planned stop, grab that bag of Beaver Nuggets and a new t-shirt and maybe skip the XXL brisket sandwich if the price is a little too steep for you.

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