Most of us show up to work each day not because we are excited to work, but because we need that paycheck to pay our bills. But there are some people that show up each day just happy to have a job and trying to make the best of their workday. One example of that type of happy employee is this guy who is twirling a sign in the Dallas, Texas area. 

Unfortunately, I don’t know this gentleman’s name, but really it doesn’t matter. Because regardless of whether we know this man or not, he shows up to work each day trying to do a great job for his company and get people to look at his sign but also put on a great show for people that are driving past him. It’s great to see someone working so hard to make other people smile. 

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This Guy is a Top-Notch Sign Twirler 

While the video below of him showing off his skills is less than :35 seconds in length, it’s still impressive the skills that he has with that sign. If I were to attempt anything like this I would throw the sign in the street or hit a car with it.  

Dallas, Texas Sign Twirler Puts Things in Perspective 

This hardworking man in Dallas, TX doesn’t make millions of dollars but he seems happy just showing up to work at a job he enjoys. While we all wish we had lots of money, it’s truly about making yourself happy whether you have money or not. Just enjoy each day just like this guy. 

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