Colorado has all kinds of attractions. One of the most quirky and interesting may be the UFO Watchtower in Saguache County, near Alamosa, and the Great Sand Dunes National Park. It's a roadside attraction destination.

The whole San Luis Valley in southern Colorado is super dark at night. There is barely any light pollution. That's why several areas are on the International Dark Sky Locations list.

Seemingly the UFO Watchtower is in the perfect place. Strange lights or sightings are easier to spot when there isn't illumination from a nearby city. There is no shortage of sightings. There have been over 230 documented sitings since the watchtower opened over 20 years ago.

Of course, the mission of such a place is more encounters. There is a list of items on the UFO Watchtower website that they would like to have in order to assist in that mission. This is your chance to get rid of that huge satellite dish from the 80s.

UFO Watchtower Needed Items:

•  military night vision equipment
•  black helicopter
• access hatch
•  large nautical compass
• jet packs
•  Geiger counter
•  light beam
•  heavy duty metal detector
• steel benches/seat belts
•  lasers
•  flying objects of all kinds
• helium
•  phonebooth
• playground equipment
• biohazard suits
•  aerial photos of the valley
• FLAGs military - American -pow -MIA
• chairs
• BIG satellite dishes
• picnic tables
• moonrocks
• seismograph equipment
• dollars and cents
• star charts/maps
• 55-gallon drums of outdoor silver reflective paint
• merry-go-round
• reflective vinyl
• weather balloons
• golf carts
• 4-wheeler/trailer

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