Happy National Teachers day! While it is teachers appreciation week, today is a great day to honor the teachers who have made, or are making a difference in yours or your child's life!

It's been a rough year all around, and can we just give it up for the teachers who had to put it down, flip it and reverse it on all things teaching?! The teacher friends that I have as well as the teachers my nephews have had this whole year have really been going above and beyond and I feel like they don't get enough recognition.

It's especially frustrating for teachers when you think about how the average teacher works 10 hours a day and 52 hours a week, 92.4% of teachers spend their own money on things for their classrooms or their students and teachers make an average 14% less money than other jobs that need the same level of education. So, yeah, buy the teacher a Starbucks card!

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While we we're all appreciation teachers today, this is the perfect time to shout out this great borderland teacher who makes the most relatable videos. Her user names is @mrsestrada915, and she doesn't shy away from letting her followers know what life is like as a teacher in the borderland.

She's on top of the TIkTok trends and it turns her into one of the coolest (or possibly the most cringey depending on who you ask) teacher.

She does a great job demonstrating what it's like having to teach virtually:

She has no problem laughing at herself:

So, shout out to this great borderland teacher, and all teachers across the globe! I hope you know how appreciated you are!

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