Forget adult happy meals. Ice cream AND booze. TAKE MY MONEY NOW!! The Canyons at Cimarron just got a new tenant and it’s a place that will have adults screaming for more ice cream.

Locally owned ice cream bar, Boozy Ice Cream Barlor, has expanded its business and has opened up its second location at the Canyons at Cimarron which is located in northwest El Paso.

Boozy Ice Cream Barlor has an adult take on ice cream and provides adults with liquid-nitrogen ice cream mixed with their favorite alcohol.

“From classics like rum and tequila to vodka and whiskey, you can combine your go-to spirit with a wide range of ice cream flavors for a fun and exciting night out,” reads their website.

The business opened its first location in west El Paso on N Stanton St. Now they are excited to be opening a second location at the Canyons at Cimarron.

Aside from alcoholic-infused ice cream, Boozy Ice Cream barlor shop also offers treats for kids under 21.

“Enjoy a boozy infused treat for the parents and homemade non-alcoholic ice cream for the kids,” read their website.

Their business menu includes items such as mixers, creamtails, pizza, and even charcuterie boards.

Snacks are also available at the ice cream shop. Snacks include boozy cereal, cotton candy tacos, and Elvis flatbread to say the least.

The Ice cream barlor held its grand opening celebration this past Tuesday, October 6th. Their west El Paso location on Stanton street is still open to the public.

Boozy Ice cream Barlor

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