Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about what they believe is the best in El Paso. Now some of us may either share the same opinion or disagree.

Anyone that is familiar with El Paso has a personal favorite spot they love to visit. Seeing my newsfeed on Facebook and Twitter, I would say most of our opinions on El Paso spots would make a great debate.

Since the previous spike of Covid-19 cases, people have been holding off on the gym and pursuing fitness goals with nature instead. That is the first change I noticed about El Paso when the pandemic was taken more seriously.

Since mid-March, I have noticed more locals taking care of fitness goals outdoors. It's amazing how much we took for granted before the pandemic. Now El Paso's temperatures have been dropping so it seems like people will be heading back indoors or they may say screw it and just throw on the layers of clothing to stay warm.

When you live in a city like El Paso it's hard to narrow it down to just one spot for the best workout experience. For example, it's especially hard when you and your friends are fighting over who to crown the best.

El Paso has so many spots with the best scenery you could never get tired of seeing. One popular place with the best scenery that never gets old in my opinion, is a toss-up between the areas around Rim Road and McKelligon Canyon.

I have never walked Rim Road but have gotten my cardio fix at McKelligon Canyon. Mckelligon Canyon is the place to break a major sweat because of the view surrounding you.

I know some of you reading this will also agree with me, but place your vote for the area with the best scenery to do cardio that never gets old in the poll below.

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