On August 6th, 2022 Townsquare Media El Paso once again joined up with Cielo Vista Mall to host the Back 2 School Expo.

Western Tech and Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages join in on the effort to bring local vendors, exhibitors, and clubs to celebrate the start of another school year.

We know those first few weeks of school can be difficult, so together, we hope to help bring some smiles to not only the students but the parents, teachers and staff who also must prepare for another school year.

To make things a little easier financially for some lucky attendees, El Paso Electric offered a chance to win a $500 scholarship at the KISSFM booth. We appreciate everyone who stopped by and registered.

Below you can see some of the smiling faces of those attending the event. You will also view some of the great local vendors who joined in on the fun. We always appreciate those who help make our events worth loading up the family for an adventure.

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Plus, it was great to see Cielo Vista Mall thriving with shoppers. Malls are seriously packed with so many awesome shops, not sure why people do not take advantage of this more.

Along with a food court, how can you not want to spend hours inside a mall?

Prizes were handed out at some booths and we know that PS5 that was being raffled off went to a good home. We hope to continue to celebrate the school years with El Pasoans at many more Back 2 School Expos in the coming years.

If you know a business that would like to join us next year, don't be afraid to reach out to us.

Happy school year to you and all of our lovely listeners.

Back 2 School Expo 2022

The Back 2 School Expo was held at Cielo Vista Mall. El Pasoans flocked to the mall to take advantage of back-to-school shopping deals but browser local vendors and enter to win prizes.

Local exhibitors, clubs, and models took the YMCA stage throughout the day. A special thanks to everyone who not only joined the Back 2 School Expo to help make it possible but everyone who attended.

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