For many, buying gifts for others is the best part of the holiday season- and for others, it's a dreaded chore. I can see both sides of the aisle, on one end you're super excited to get the perfect gift for someone and on the other end, you have to actually get the gift and sometimes venture out to stores to buy a gift.

This season, with many shipping delays, it may be harder for you to buy gifts; it may even be harder for you to find gifts for your little ones! According to Fortune, retailers are experiencing a toy shortage this holiday season. The possibility is also high if you're shopping for gifts for adults or even for yourself.

As we near the gift exchanging holidays, it may be tougher for you to be able to find the perfect gift on store shelves; even if you find the perfect gift online you may have trouble having that gift delivered on time (i.e. how our costumes for the HALLOWEEN parade were weeks late!).

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If you want to save yourself the trouble, you may want to look at alternatives for gifts like homemade gifts or even experiences- like these great local experiences. Another great alternative is shopping local! You can never go wrong with shopping local.

Shopping local is like getting TWO gifts at once; the gift you purchase and the knowledge that you supported a small and local business is a gift in itself. If you're not sure where to start, here are eleven great Etsy shops that you can purchase gifts from; a  great upside to this is that many of these shops are willing to forfeit the shipping fee and will meet you halfway to receive your gift.

Check out the shops below and let us know of other great shops we can find on Etsy!

11 El Paso Etsy Shops

El Místico Ranch Glamping

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