El Paso has lost another local favorite as it has been announced that Fat Bun Hamburgers, located at 1765 Lee Trevino, has closed down.

The announcement came as somewhat as a shock to some, mainly because it was a quite announcement. Over on the Foodies of El Paso, TX and Surrounding Areas, someone mentioned that Fat Bun was closed and there appeared to be a sign saying the location would soon be home to "Taqueria La Mina". You can see that post here.

That's when someone else mentioned that the owner retired. From the owner directly:

So that's it, as of September 28 Fat Bun ceased to exist.

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It's becoming a common trend to see some local favorites close down. As with the others, this one shocked, and also saddened many El Pasoans; while some understood, it was still sad news:

Noooo! My family and I really loved their chicos tacos. That's sad for the customers but good for him!

Fat Bun had their own version of the famous El Paso rolled tacos, and I know for sure, I'll miss them!

Thank you for all the wonderful years of great meals. We love you and we will miss going there.

I'll definitely miss hitting up the Fat Bun after a party- it was a great go-to spot for late night munchies!

It looks like Fat Bun brought many great memories for lots of El Pasoans, and Mr. Nabhan's retirement is fully deserved!

We enjoyed it!! Great Burgers and fries !! ❤️.
Enjoy retirement.

Thank you for all the great years of delicious food!

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