There are a lot of us who wish the KLAQ River Raft Race could make a comeback. It was the time people had to crack down on trying to think of a way to build a surviving floating raft.

Over the years though so many El Pasoans showed their creative side with their rafts. I won't forget one raft that a couple of ladies put together in 2011.

The "River Rats" Flight Leader Farm who wore bright pink pants and cowboy hats raft was unforgettable. The ladies somehow managed to create a raft that looked as if they were riding a bull.

Just refer to KLAQ's YouTube video above which you can see the "River Rats" raft at 1:51. Also, another group I enjoyed watching wore Viking helmets while floating on the Viking's raft.

Also, in 2014 Jacqueline Dubow's YouTube video showed a ton of River Raft racers who were participating (above). In 2014, there were all sorts of unique rafts some of you built that were quite impressive.

Watching River Raft Race videos sure had me missing this fun and fantastic competition that put a racer's thinking skills to the test. But after reminiscing about the past KLAQ River Raft Races had me wondering if you also miss it.

The KLAQ River Raft Race was the time a bunch of locals could float along the Rio Grande on their personally made rafts. Considering how many locals participated in the KLAQ River Raft Races has me believing it is dearly missed. Place your vote in the poll below if you too miss the KLAQ River Raft Race.

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