In the Rio Grande, Texas Governor Greg Abbott implemented a floating barrier with large buoys to strengthen the U.S.-Mexico border in July.

Texas Deploys Buoys Into Rio Grande River To Deter Migrants
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Democratic Representative Sylvia Garcia exposed circular saws between the buoys, leading to public outcry.

She, along with others, has labeled this approach as harsh and cruel, while Mexican officials have raised concerns about human rights and safety issues.

Two deaths have already been connected to the barriers, fueling the criticism. A video went viral, being viewed over 8 million times, and various organizations including environmental groups have voiced their disapproval.

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Texas authorities, including Abbott's office, defend the barriers, insisting they are being monitored and that no crossing attempts have been seen.

They argue that drownings are not uncommon in the Rio Grande, but others however, including Mexico, warn that these barriers increase drowning risks and infringe upon Mexico's sovereignty.

Texas Deploys Buoys Into Rio Grande River To Deter Migrants
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The barrier's installation is part of a broader, costly effort to secure the border, involving other controversial measures such as razor-wire fencing.

Recently, disturbing reports emerged detailing harsh tactics like pushing children into the river and creating dangerous traps. These claims were denied by Texas officials.

The U.S. Justice Department is now taking legal action against Abbott, claiming that the barrier breaks federal law, threatens public safety, and raises concerns over the welfare of migrants.

Mexico's diplomatic protests and the potential harm to U.S. foreign relations further complicate the situation. The lawsuit seeks to force Texas to remove the barrier, emphasizing the ongoing tension and disagreement.

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