There are some KLAQ Facebook comments that had me cracking up about a Float Fest in El Paso. I sure as hell won't leave out the mean comments some locals shared about floating on the Rio Grande.

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Now for the people crying about sewer water, there are other folks who still manage to float the Rio Grande. But a few other KLAQ listeners were all for floating in the Rio Grande despite the sewer issue.

Some of the comments on the KLAQ Facebook about Float Fest were funny, mean, and downright cool. So it is safe to say A LOT of KLAQ listeners were definitely not fond of a Float Fest on the Rio Grande.

So if the Rio Grande in El Paso is a problem a Float Fest in Truth or Consequences doesn't sound so bad. A couple of ladies I know Jessica Holguin and Lauren Kelly enjoy floating with their group of friends in Truth or Consequences.

via Jessica Holguin Facebook
via Jessica Holguin Facebook
via Jessica Holguin Facebook
via Jessica Holguin Facebook

Jessica Holguin was telling me they use a company called Rio Grande River Trips when they want to float sometimes. But the Rio Grande isn't so bad in other places as you can tell from Jessica's pictures.

Not everyone in El Paso has Facebook so thought I would share some of the comments from KLAQ listeners with you. The people of El Paso definitely didn't hold back about giving feedback for a Float Fest on the Rio Grande.

Feel free to scroll through some of my favorites that include some mean, funny, and cool reactions below.

KLAQ Listeners Clap Back to a Float Fest on the Rio Grande

Robert Chaidez
"To quote Pat Devlin and the EP Surf Club...."Real Men Don't Need Water" go for it!!! Raft On!"

Pepe Pistolas
"We do it every year, near mesilla, ride the river for about 2 or 3 hours with beers in our floats. everyone talking about no water or dirty water probably never enter any other body of water except pools. Smh"

Granpy Sanchez
"Years ago was the rio grande Klaq river race people made crazy boats and stuff to float down the river was a blast"

Amanda Rose Rodriguez

"Why not El Paso? El paso water dumped literal shit into the Rio for months. Y’all really wanna be floating around in that water?"

Nick Mann

"It would get full of bags, masks, beer cans like the rest of El Paso."

Greg Coldren
"Well I remember back in High School we would go down to the levee (Rio Grande) and party on weekends. There was enough water flowing you could swim, raft, and have a great time. We would find the shallow part and play football or Friz-bee. Late night bonfires and of course LOT OF BEER."

Christopher S. Thompson
"Because In other places there is actual water in the rivers. We would need that in Rio for this to happen so I’m gonna say “No”

Vidal Flores
"Because we do NOT take care of things"

Arcy Moreno

"In Las Cruces we float every summer weekend !!"

Gerardo Sifuentes
"It would have to be away from the border like towards Hatch and have more water released from Elephant Butte"

Moemoe Lira
"Who remembers swimming by the brick yard off of executive? Those were some good ole days!"

Ralph Astorga
"Would be nice if they can fix up the rio grande and make our own El Paso river walk"

Irma Irene Bautista
"Are y'all unaware of CLIMATE CHANGE AND DROUGHT??? We are in the midst of it! Forget the effen Rio, the Oceans are drying up! You mention Elephant Butte, look it up, it's drying! Lake Meade is almost dead! WAKE UP FOLKS!!!"

Jvh Garcia
"With what? “Sewer water” compliments of El Paso Water"

Nathan Bryant

"They'd have make concreted river I think. Rio Grande is not float worthy lol"

Samuel Holstein
"Because el paso is new mexico not texas. Sorry guys"

Robert Gomez
"We do it all the time in Cruces."

Andres Rafael Loya
"Yes, El Paso and it’s citizens would enjoy and deserve this!!"

Maria E Gomez
"If this were 2 happen, the 'public' would have 2 do its part & not trash it. .js"

Angelica Munoz
"Love it"

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