Anna Benson, the wife of former New York Mets pitcher Kris Benson and star of the new VH-1 reality series ‘Baseball Wives,’ told the New York Post that the Mets traded her husband to the Baltimore Orioles after the 2005 season because they wanted to rescue fans…from her breasts.

Wait. What?  Indeed, that’s what she said.

“They were scared of my big fun bags. They were afraid they were too big, and they were going to obstruct the view of the fans seeing the game. Plus they were intimidated by them themselves. So they had to trade him, I guess.”

Today, Kris is out of baseball, and Anna Benson and other former players’ wives will provide real-life drama on her new VH-1 show. Of course, it’s difficult to imagine drama not surrounding the Bensons, who are the product of a true fairy tale romance: They met while she was working as a stripper in Atlanta, and he was playing minor league baseball. It’s like a Disney fairytale come to life!

So, because of Anna’s bodacious bosom, the Mets opted to ship Kris Benson to Baltimore. Fortunately, Orioles fans were used to having boobs – those wearing the home uniforms – ruin their game experience, so it all worked out.

[Via Deadspin]