This Friday, was the long awaited season opener for the Andress Golden Eagles and the Hanks Knights who faced off at Allan Sepkowitz stadium.

The first half of the game was a close one at 22-15, which was a result of 4 turnovers by the Eagles and the Knights inability of taking advantage of those turnovers.

Blaze Richardson, "blazes" past the Knights with a 59 yard TD, in the 3rd quarter.

Second half of the game, the Eagles continued with their many offensive weapons and added 21 more points. Defensively, in the second half, Andress limited their mistakes and held Hanks to 13.

Although 43-28 was the final in favor of Andress, there is plenty of room for improvement and when those improvements are made, lookout for this team with it's many weapons.

Hank's, Nikko Castro had an impressive game with 12 rushes for  92 yards and 2 touchdowns.

A few standouts for Andress included:

QB Troy Klimansky who was 9-18 with 206, including a 2 yard TD run.

HB Blaze Richardson, who had 73 yards rushing for 2 TD's, one being a 59 yard TD run.

Eddie Sinegal, who had 4 catches for 84 yards one being a 46 yard TD reception

Andress will try to keep things going next week as they take on the Eastlake Falcons.

As for Hanks they will try to bounce back next week, as they go up against Coronado at home.

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