An Ysleta High School student was drafted by the Toronto Bluejays and now comes good news from the volleyball world.The USA Volleyball Girls Junior National Championships begin June 23rd in New Orleans. Getting a team to the finals is an amazing feat, getting two teams in is absolutely unbelievable and sending three is unheard of!

That's what the 915 United Youth Volleyball Program has done though, qualifying their 14 and under, 15 and under, and 18 and under teams. It's an incredible feat and an incredible opportunity for both the girls and El Paso volleyball programs. It also comes with a sense of family as Tayler Kennedy, from the 18 and under team, explained:

"It's our chance to leave our mark at the national level. We want to show people what we are capable of in El Paso. We have amazing volleyball teams here, especially this team. We are like family here. We are constantly together. Even the younger girls. The older girls try to be an example because everyone is so close here, you want to be the best you can be."