Some good news for a Friday, the NCAA has announced that the upcoming NCAA Basketball Tournament will have some fans in attendance.

All games for this year's tournament will be played around the Indianapolis area and all venues will allow fans to attend. Each venue will support 25% of the capacity of the building for the games.

The NCAA notes that the 25% capacity includes all staff, players, and family members of the team. So if you're now planning a trip to Indianapolis for the games do know that the 25% capacity will actually be smaller for the general public than what the figure makes it seem.

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All attendees will be required to wear face coverings and all venues will be sanitized. The tournament begins on March 18 and runs through the championship game that is scheduled for April 5 at Lucas Oil Stadium.

As of now, the NCAA does not have any ticket information for any of the rounds or venues. The NCAA usually has different ticket pages fans can purchase. Fans that are interested in potentially attending any of the games during the NCAA Tournament can sign up for future information through the NCAA.

For those around the Sioux Empire that are really interested in making the trip, flights can be found right now between Sioux Falls and Indianapolis during the time period of the tournament for as low as $200 round trip depending on the weekend.

Source: NCAA

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