The 2014-2015 regular NBA season has come and gone. It's time for the second season to begin, otherwise known as the NBA Playoffs. The biggest difference from this year's playoffs to last year's is that two young teams with rising stars are the number one seeds. And a couple of big names will be missing from the playoffs, notably Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and MVP candidate Russell Westbrook.

Here are the 2015 NBA Playoff Teams:

Eastern Conference:

No. 1 Seed, Atlanta Hawks

No. 2 Seed, Cleveland Cavaliers

No. 3 Seed, Chicago Bulls

No. 4 Seed, Toronto Raptors

No. 5 Seed, Washington Wizards

No. 6 Seed, Milwaukee Bucks

No. 7 Seed, Boston Celtics

No. 8 Seed, Brooklyn Nets

Western Conference:

No. 1 Seed, Golden State Warriors

No. 2 Seed, Houston Rockets

No. 3 Seed, Los Angeles Clippers

No. 4 Seed, Portland Trail Blazers

No. 5 Seed, Memphis Grizzlies

No. 6 Seed, San Antonio Spurs

No. 7 Seed, Dallas Mavericks

No. 8 Seed, New Orleans Pelicans