If you are a Cleveland Browns fan, you are almost equivalent in sports heartache to a Chicago Cubs fan. Although the franchise was founded in 1945, the Browns left Cleveland after the 1995 season to become the Baltimore Ravens. Despite three years of suspended operations, the team relaunched as an expansion club in 1999 complete with a brand new stadium. The very next season, the Ravens won the Super Bowl. The last time the Cleveland Browns won a league championship was 1964, and the franchise has never played in a Super Bowl. However, Browns fans are among the most loyal supporters in all of sports, and they are waiting to see their once-proud football team return to greatness.

Yesterday, the Browns unveiled their new uniforms for the 2015 season, complete with a Halloween-style unveiling that received rave reviews. There are nine different combinations that the Browns will be able to use on the football field, making them the Oregon Ducks of the NFL.

Despite the cool new look, the team's roster does not offer nearly the same excitement level of the unis. Although running backs Isaiah Crowell and Terrance West offer plenty of upside, the team lacks an offensive franchise player to build around. There are a lot of pre-draft rumors that the Browns want to trade up and take Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota. Last season, they selected Johnny Manziel in the first round, but thus far, he does not appear to be the franchise quarterback Cleveland envisioned.


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