First and foremost, if you're reading this and you're not from Texas, I extend to you a hearty welcome! You're going to learn a few things in this article - some that make you go, 'heck yeah!' if you've been here for a few years, and a few other things that may leave you scratching your head. We're just gonna call this a Texas history lesson, in a compact, easy-to-follow, 'oh look, there's pictures!' type of way.

I was born and raised here in Texas, so I have plenty of experience with literally everything on this list. Texas football is in my blood and something my household (now as an adult) dedicate our time to every weekend (fingers crossed for 2020, know what I mean?), rodeo season (enough said there), and all the BBQ we could care to eat. Being a Texan is something we take a lot of pride in.

Even with all of our good things - some of which you may know about - we do have a few 'unique' traditions. Those big, flowery-lookin' things you see teens in high school wearing to football games? Yeah, that's us. Your favorite dance team performing at halftime for your high school, or even your professional football team? Yeah, you've got Texas to thank for that too...Even though that second one isn't a weird tradition.

So, let's hop on into our lesson, shall we? I just thought you'd want to know that Florida, North Carolina, Kentucky, Arizona, know, wherever you are coast to coast, you just have Texas to thank for a few things. Buckle up, cowboys and girls!

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