Steve Kaplowitz is probably best known as the voice of SportsTalk on 600 ESPN Sports El Paso. However, while Steve spends the majority of his days reciting sports statistics and giving play-by-plays, we thought it would be interesting to pry into Steve’s personal life to find out what El Paso’s longest running talk show host does after he turns the microphone off.

To do this, we cornered Steve in the studio earlier last week and asked him 10 completely random questions about beer, music and guilty pleasures that, by the time the interview was over, made us feel as though we really had a grip on who Steve Kaplowitz really is.

This is what we uncovered:

1.  What kind of beer is in your refrigerator right now? Just picked up a 24-pack of Sam Adams Summer Collection, so I’m looking forward to trying the variety pack.

2.  Who would win an arm wrestling contest between you and Chad Middleton? Easy one. Chad wins because I stopped taking PEDs after the Biogenesis scandal broke.

3.  What are your three favorite bands of all time? The Tragically Hip, Metallica, and Elton John (when he has his band). Honorable Mention includes original Van Halen and Chicago with Peter Cetera.

4.  What is your favorite restaurant in El Paso and what on the menu would you recommend to your listeners? The State Line is money and you have to try the Rib King Platter (full rack of beef and baby back ribs)!

5.  What would you say is your most unusual talent? The ability to calculate random percentages in my head. I think I developed this as a kid from studying batting averages.

6.  What is your favorite sitcom of all time and why? Tie between 'All In The Family' and 'Cheers'. I love Archie Bunker and how they were so edgy for their time, but I always thought Sam Malone was a great sitcom character.

7.  What was the first concert you ever attended? Sha Na Na in 1979 at the Special Events Center (now the Don Haskins Center). Who didn’t like Bowzer?

8.  If you could own any car you wanted – money is no object – what kind of car would buy? Tough call, but it would have to be a classic like the ’59 Corvette convertible.

9.  What would you say is your most embarrassing guilty pleasure? Instead of watching SportsCenter - falling asleep every night to episodes of the Golden Girls.

10.  If Hollywood decided to make a movie of your life – what would the movie be called and what actor would play you? ‘Technical Difficulties’ starring Adam Sandler as me.