When you think of Texas songs, there are MANY songs that have cities from Texas in their titles & many of them are done by country artists. Well this list is a little different. This is strictly a list of rock/metal/blues songs that have "Texas" in the song title. So no country artists. Let's start with a classic...

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Flood:

An artist we lost way too soon, Stevie was a force on the guitar & one of the best blue guitarists the world has ever seen. Hailing from Dallas, it only makes sense that he record a song for his 1983 debut album, Texas Flood. Even though the song was originally done by Larry Davis in 1958, Stevie's version has become the version that many people know, & still love, to this day.

The Doors - The WASP (Texas Radio & the Big Beat):

Fans of The Doors remember this song originally as a poem/jam the band would perform during concerts. Inspired by the Mexican radio stations that would blast into Texas during the 50s, it wasn't until the recording of LA Woman that The Doors finally recorded a studio version this song. Now we can hear the story all about the Texas Radio...

W.A.S.P. - Blind In Texas:

Another wasp flying on this list, this time it's the BAND W.A.S.P. They've had many songs about partying but this one from The Last Command, is all about partying it up in Texas. Roaming through cities like Dallas, Houston, Waco & of course El Paso.

Upon A Burning Body - Texas Blood Money:

It would make sense that a Texas band write a song WITH Texas in the title right? From San Antonio, Upon A Burning Body show their love, not just for metal, but their home state in Texas Blood Money from their 2012 album, "Red. White. Green.". Even the music video shows them run on stage with a giant Texas flag.

Clutch - A Quick Death in Texas:

Neil Fallon was always an East Coast guy; but when it came to recording their 2015 Psychic Warfare album, the inspiration came from the locals Neil ran into in the small town close to the recording studio they were staying at. Neil did say that the video was recorded all in fun & he loved playing a cowboy. Also extra brownie points for all the city names they name drop in the song.

Sons of Texas - Texas Trim:

While this song wasn't a single or a hit, it DOES talk about something we love in Texas: a fine beautiful woman. Plus... Sons of Texas named one of their albums Baptized In The Rio Grande; they were formed in McAllen, TX. So yeah. The song definitely checks out & deserves a spot here.

Chris Rae - Texas:

An underrated blues musician from England, Chris Rae has a HUGE repertoire of hits in his career. He's never toured around the states but the song came from a conversation he had with a neighbor that HAD been to Texas. In the song, he talks about how we wishes to visit Texas. So far, it's yet to be known whether Chris actually HAS gone to Texas. But he DID make a great song about Texas so we'll take it.

Bowling For Soup - Ohio (Come Back to Texas):

I think we've had someone in our life where someone moves somewhere & we want them to come back. That's what the person in this song is doing; trying to convince their girlfriend to move back to the Lone Star state, so they can be together again. Makes even more sense since Bowling For Soup IS from Texas; they've represented Wichita Falls since 1994.

Gary Moore - Texas Strut:

Irish blues singer Gary Moore name drops two huge Texas names in this song: ZZ Top & Stevie Ray Vaughan. Off of his 1990 album, Still Got The Blues, Gary certainly makes his guitar wail in this song all about the Texas blues.

The Reverend Horton Heat - Texas Rock-A-Billy-Rebel:

One of the most popular rockabilly groups in the world, the Dallas trio has a few songs with Texas in their names. Although their most popular one would have to be this one from their 1998 album, Space Heater.

Honorable Mention 1 (Elton John - Texan Love Song):

Although some people incorrectly call it "Texas Love Song", the correct title is "Texan Love Song". I put it as an honorable mention because, it's not a single but many people love covering the song online so I give it a mention here.

Honorable Mention 2 (ZZ Top - Heard It On the X):

Even though they don't have a song with "Texas" in the title... come on. It's ZZ TOP! It's THE band when you think of Texas. This song is also another homage to the old radio stations that would blast into Texas from over the Border. Plus the song has a huge X, to represent... TEXAS. So it counts. R.I.P. Dusty...

I may have left off a few but if I did, I encourage you to find more songs that talk about Texas. You might stumble upon some gems yourself.

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