Throughout history history, we've seen bands form & stay together for many years. Some bands will go on a hiatus & will come back. Others, sadly, break up through one way or another & break up. But that doesn't mean we can't look back & reflect on some great Texas bands & the memories they gave us.


Yes we all the tragic story behind what happened in 2004... But let's not let that be the sole reason why we know this band. Dimebag & Vinnie formed Damageplan as their way of keeping that love for music alive after Pantera. And by god they defnitely did with this band...

Sons Of Texas:

Back in 2013, Sons of Texas out of McAllen Texas was signed onto the Razor & Tie record label back in 2013 & stayed active until 2021. They announced their breakup on Instagram on December 11th, but we still remember them fondly.

Especially with songs like Baptized In The Rio Grande, Blameshift or Beneath the Waterbed.

The Royalty:

The pop rock band from El Paso DID get some notice outside of Texas; scoring a few big hits including How I Like Em, Bartender or I Want You. They were active between 2005-2013 before calling it quits.

As we know they're not the only El Paso band that's no longer with us, there's plenty that are gone but not forgotten.

The Sword:

The most recent addition to this list, Austin's The Sword was a combination of old school classic rock mixed with stoner metal & a lot of mythology thrown in the mix. Sadly they called it quits in October of 2022 after being a band since 2003.

You've most likely have heard some of their songs on video games such Tony Hawk's Project 8, or various Guitar Hero games. You can a whole list of their songs (and other Texas bands)) featured on video games here.

Honorable Mention - The Vanished:

Old school KLAQ fans will remember the Dallas band The Vanished from the mid 2000s. However, they DID reunite for a homecoming show back in August, they're active on their Facebook page but we haven't heard any solid confirmation that they are doing shows.

So because of that uncertainty, that's why they're here as an official "unofficial" inclusion. Also it's nice to look back on what KLAQ used to play years ago...

Will any of these bands will come back in the future? Who knows... But I DO know is that left many great songs to enjoy & that's what we should do.

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