Music & video games. 2 of the greatest things to ever go together. There's a good chance that you've played a video game that contained a Texas and you didn't know it. Here are 10 more Texas artists in video games you might have heard:


You might know the progressive metal band from Plano, TX for having the Loudwire song of the year in 2022Polyphia's song "G.O.A.T." would appear on the soundtrack for MX vs ATV Legends as well. Hopefully more of their songs will appear in more games.

Mind Spiders

From Denton, TX, fans of Grand Theft Auto V will remember one Mind Spiders song in particular that would appear on the in-game radio station: Vinewood Boulevard FM. Their song "Fall In Line" would play on that radio station, along with other fellow Texas band The Black Angels. (We'll see other bands appear in GTA V later)

Fenix TX

From Houston, TX, the pop-punk band Fenix TX have actually appeared in a total of 6 games:

  • "Ben" - ESPN Winter X Games Snowboarding
  • "Minimum Wage" - Jeremy McGrath Supercross World
  • "Something Bad Is Gonna Happen" - SX Superstar
  • "Spooky Action At a Distance" - MLB 13: The Show
  • Their cover of "Get Outta My Dreams (Get Into My Car)" - NASCAR Thunder 2003
  • and "All My Fault" - Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2

Mystery Skulls

The electronic dance artist from Dallas, Mystery Skulls (aka Luis Dubuc) has gathered a huge dedicated following with its animated music videos. You also might have MS on either of these video games:

  • "Paralyzed" - Need For Speed Rivals
  • "Ghost" - WWE 2K15

Neon Indian

Another electronic artist from Texas, this time we're going back to Denton. Fans of The Lowbrow Palace might remember seeing Neon Indian back in 2018. You might have heard some of these songs at the concert (both of which have appeared on GTA V):

  • "Change of Coast" - Grand Theft Auto V 
  • "Polish Girl" - Rugby 15 & the re-release of GTA V

Bowling For Soup

Whether it's blasting out "1985" or their theme song for Phineas & Ferb, Wichita Falls' Bowling for Soup have made 5 appearances on video games:

  • "Punk Rock 101" - NHL 2004 & Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This At Home
  • Their cover of A Flock of Seagulls "I Ran (So Far Away)" would also appear on Backyard Wrestling
  • "Getting Old Sucks (But Everyone's Doing It)" - MX vs ATV Legends
  • And of course "1985" would appear on a video game. 2 of them to be precise: SingStar Rocks! & PopStar Guitar

Scale The Summit

The 2nd instrumental progressive metal band to appear on this list; fans of the Rock Band series might remember seeing Houston's Scale the Summit as DLC. Their song "The Great Plains" appeared back in 2010. So far it's the only video game appearance.


While we're talking about rhythm games, fans of Guitar Hero III will remember seeing the Austin band Lions appear with their song "Metal Heavy Lady". They would have a 2nd video game appearance: Their song "Start Movin'" would also appear in the WWE SmackDown vs RAW 2010 soundtrack.

Whiskey Myers

The southern rock group out of Palestine, TX, Whiskey Myers have been around since 2005 gaining fans all over the state & the country. MLB & NASCAR fans might be surprised to see a song of theirs in a game for each sports league:

  • "Firewater" - MLB 16: The Show
  • "John Wayne" - NASCAR Rivals


Closing out our list is the 90s alternative rock band Fastball formed in Austin. They too would appear in 2 video games; one's definitely a fitting pick & the other is... well:

  • "Morning Star" - Triple Play Baseball
  • "The Way" - Alvin & The Chipmunks... yes that is true.

If you want to see more Texas bands that have appeared in video games, you can see parts one here and part two here.

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