When you think of iconic metal bands from Texas, Pantera certainly ranks highly on that list. When you think of video game music, the Mario series has some of the most memorable & iconic songs out there. We've certainly seen Pantera used in video games before (just ask the makers of Doom), but I never thought to put the two together, but someone has. And thanks to people recreating classic songs into a Super Mario 64 version, you can hear Pantera songs with the Super Mario sound font.

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What is the Super Mario 64 sound font?

Essentially what it is, it's a remaking of classic songs & recreating them with the sounds & music used in the Super Mario 64 soundtrack (originally done by Koji Kondo).

In 2023, we've seen many artists like Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Metallica, Queen, The Beatles all remade using the SM64 sound font. Even Radiohead's album In Rainbows was remade using this, with Jonny Greenwood himself praising the album on his Twitter page.

Here's an example on what the SM64 soundfont sounds like:

And with that, someone finally has made some of the Texas metal legends, Pantera

A YouTuber user by the name of Padrigg89 decided to make his own SM64 soundfont songs of some Pantera classics. To show you how they sound with the SM64 soundfont, I'll first show the original songs.

The original Cowboys From Hell

Super Mario 64 Cowboys From Hell

Original version of Walk

Walk if it was in Super Mario 64

Pantera - I'm Broken

Super Mario 64 I'm Broken

Someone even recreated Pantera's entire Cowboys From Hell album in Super Mario 64

You can definitely hear a difference between the original songs & the SM64 renditions. They're not perfect but they're very unique & creative. (They're also not the most simplest of songs to recreate either so props to him for the attempts!). There are many more Super Pantera 64 songs you can find on YouTube so the rabbit hole digs deep.

With 2023 being the year of so many people taking classic songs & turning them into Super Mario 64 remixes, I think this year can be a great year for MORE of these songs to come out. I'd personally love to see more Pantera songs, and more Texas bands, get this treatment. (ZZ Top, At The Drive-In, The Sword & Butthole Surfers would get my vote).

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