If you're hoping to tailgate from your vehicle during the Super Bowl, you're out of luck.

In a press conference, the CEO of the game, Al Kelly, said,

"You will be allowed to have food in your car and have drink in your car," Kelly said. "And provided you're in the boundaries of a single parking space, you'll be able to eat or drink right next to your car. However, you're not going to be able to take out a lounge chair, you're not going to be able to take out a grill, and you're not going to be able to take up more than one parking space. And it'll all be watched very carefully."

There are 13,000 parking spaces for the event which expects to sell 80,000 tickets. Select parking passes will be given out, but there are only three ways fans can get to the big game. Fans can ride the charter bus, Fan Express, for $51 which will pick up and drop off fans at 9 locations around town. The second option is the N.J. Transit to the MetLife Stadium. The last option is to find someone with a high-coveting parking pass to drop you off. Lastly, don't bother walking. According to the committee, fans will not be allowed to walk to MetLife Stadium.

Although people pay thousands of dollars for tickets, there are no exceptions to dropping fans off. Meaning, no VIPs riding through in their black, chartered cars.

"Nobody's going to be dropped off by black car," Kelly said. "You can have a black car, a green car, a white car, a red car as long as you have parking, and the car needs to stay on the premises the entire time."