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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 Game Review
If you’re going to re-release what, at its core, is basically the same game every year and expect fans to keep forking over their $60 again and again, you’d better add something worthwhile.
‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 03/26/12 [AUDIO]
What a sports weekend!!
Thank you for taking a time out and joining me 'On The Sidelines'!
Tonight's show topics include: Tim Tebow has a press conference or does he, Tiger causes me to get a mohawk, Louisville is in the Final Four, #14 wins in California and yes...
Tiger Woods Finally Wins And I Get A Mohawk [PHOTOS]
I never thought this day would come or I would not have made the bet. If Tiger Woods were to win again ON TOUR, then I would shave my head. I let you, the fans vote and thanks to a certain individual that I shall not name, the vote was close until he started going nuts...
‘On The Sidlines’ Podcast 02/23/12 [AUDIO]
It is a very happy sports Thursday 'On The Sidelines'!
Show topics for tonight include: Tiger loses in Tuscan and Chad keeps his hair... again, UTEP Men win in 2OT's so Chad makes a bold prediction and Ryan Braun is not on Steroids, he is on Testosterone...
‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 02/20/12 [AUDIO]
We hope everyone had a great SPORTS weekend and we are back for another big week!
Show topics for tonight include: MY UTEP Women's Basketball team looks to lock up a C-USA Title, St. Patrick's loses and a whole lot of other things to put a close on the weekend of sports...
‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 02/13/12 [AUDIO]
After a fantastic sports weekend, On The Sidelines returns!
Show topics include: Phil Mickelson saves my hair, C-USA and the Mountain West to "associate" with one another, #UTEPWBB are now 31st in the nation and Kentucky will televise practice tomorrow...
“On The Sidelines’ Podcast 02/10/12 [AUDIO]
The Weekend edition of OTS is here! Don't forget, you could join On The Sidelines in studio! Listen to find out how!
Show topics include: Linsanity in progress, Tiger is helping me keep my hair, Manchester United v Liverpool at 5:30 am tomorrow morning and I am ready for the Daytona 500...
‘On The Sidelines’ Podcast 02/07/12 [AUDIO]
If you want to join Chad and Andy in studio, listen to the show to find out how!
The boys talk about Kobe Bryant's place in history, the Michael Jordan conspiracy theory, Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin's new found hall of fame status, Tiger Woods return to the PGA tour, and Jeremy Lin lightin…

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