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The Faces of Defeat: From the Miners to the Cowboys
Week 5 and the Dallas Cowboys are resting this weekend in their bye-week. After their loss in Week 4 on Monday Night Football to the Chicago Bears, many fans have given up and lost hope. But the season is still young. As far as UTEP, they're spiriling downward and it's just the begining of conferenc…
Jerry Jones Wants College Football’s Championship [VIDEO]
After over a century of doing it the old-fashioned way, college football is getting a playoff. Leave it to Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones to want a piece of the action. But what are Jerry's REAL reasons for wanting the college game's new championship for Cowboys Stadium?
The Dismal Dallas Cowboys
The Dallas Cowboys are a dissapointment!  I could sugar coat it, but why do that?  Through 5 games they have a record of 2-3 and could easily be 5-0.   Sometimes it is important to tell it like it is in life.  This team has the potential to win the Super Bowl, but potential …

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