New Brewery Open In El Paso
The El Paso Brewing Company, located at 810 Texas Avenue, opened it's doors last week. That makes three breweries in El Paso now as EP Brewing joins Ode and Deadbeach.
MLB to Investigate Drinking in Boston Red Sox Clubhouse This Season
The policy allowing some Major League Baseball players to drink in clubhouses is coming under scrutiny. MLB Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations Joe Torre is reviewing the policy, specifically the drinking that happened in the Boston Red Sox clubhouse this past season.
Pending the results …
‘Stay Sober’ Pill In Development
A pill that eliminated all the effects alcohol on lab rats may one day be available to humans.
Researchers fed the rodents — who react to alcohol similarly to how people do — the new drug after having them consume enough booze to stumble and fall down. Then they measured the rod…