Water may be scarce in the Southwest but finding a drink in El Paso is easy. Keep reading to find out who is selling the most "adult" beverages overall.

There are a TON of bars around El Paso, in fact 2 new ones just opened recently. Thorin's Tavern in far east El Paso at Rich Beem and Zaragosa and La Bang Bang downtown on San Antonio.

They have to pay taxes on all the booze they sell and those records are available to the public so it's pretty easy to see how well your favorite watering hole is doing.

The number of drinks sold isn't reported nor are the individual drink prices but bars are all taxed at the same rate so, you can tell who the big dogs are.

Surprisingly, none of the bars I hang out in made the top 10. As much as my friends and I drink, you'd think our favorites would have been a little higher up, if not #1. (Where the hell is #1 anyway??)

Here are the top 10 according to El Paso Inc:

How did the airport not win this? Have you bought a beer there lately? #gougemuch

Those figures, according to El Paso Inc, are the amounts paid in mixed beverages taxes, (beer, wine and spirits - no food), to the state of Texas in 2023. Day-um.

El Paso can certainly put 'em away, that's for sure. Prefer to drink at home? Here's how to keep your booze at it's tastiest, for the longest time.

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